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our expert scientific team
Prof. Stefano Bucci
~ European Community Atherosclerosis Research and
   Prevention delegate, Paris
~ General Surgeon and Cardio-Angio surgeon
~ Professor at the “G.D’ Annunzio” University of Chieti
~ Emergency Surgery professor
~ Oncological Surgery professor
Prof. Giorgio D’ Urbano
~ Alberto Tomba’s personal athletic training for 7 years
~ Former athletic director of the Women’s National Ski Team
~ A.C Siena Football cub Athletic Trainer
Dr. Enrique Sanchez
~ Member of the Spanish Aesthetic Medicine Association
~ Member of the Medical Science Academy of
  Cataluna and the Baleares
~ Member of the Catalan Dematology Society
~ Member of the Catalan Endocrinology and Nutrition Society
Prof. Roberto Casale
~ IRCCS “S Maugeri“ Foundation Montescano Centre
~ Department of Neuro-rehabilitation-Clinical
   Neurophysiology service Chief Physician-Pavia.
~ FISNEM-CNR Nervous and Muscular System
   Physiopathology section Director
Prof. Giuseppe Miserocchi
~ Human Physiology Institute Medical-Physiology and
   Scientific Research Area.
~ Director of the Sports Medicine
~ Specialisation School Director–University of Milan
Prof. Fabio Ambrosi
~ Specialised in Naturopathy at La Salle University, USA
~ University of Urbino Department of Pharmacy Herbalist degree
~ Expert in Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and
   Magneto theraphy medicine
Our customised solutions and services are currently available in Mumbai region.
your solution: the starting point

The human genome project has spawned breakthroughs, which are changing the way we look at life and ageing. A new era of customised scientific answers is here, and the leading edge is where we at Finlinea Healthwits are.
answers from your book of life

The answers to how you will age lie within you. In the Book of Life, nature has scripted the DNA within your genes that contribute to ageing. Researchers at Finlinea Healthwits have perfected the art of reading the specific pages of the Book of Life. Ageing gracefully is no longer wishful thinking; it is a reality that has come about in the last 5 years, as a result of many years of research by various universities and scientific laboratories.
Finlinea Healthwits’ unique DNA test is a comprehensive test that goes deep within you to spot what your senses can’t: the chemical process that’s happening at a molecular level, which causes ageing. Are you genetically more prone to ageing? Is the life you are leading hastening it? Until now, these were just questions; but now, the answers are yours to act upon, as we analyse the possible genetic mutations that may be the cause.
personal advice from gene health advisors

Our gene health advisors will only be too happy to meet you at your convenience to find out more about you and the lifestyle you lead. A hurried breakfast, a lunch on the go, is that what a typical day has in store for you? Do you have a diligent exercise regimen or have you been putting it off for another day? What does your body mass index say about you?
The answers will help them understand the role that environmental factors play in your life. They will be forthcoming with advice that can not only add years to your life, but more importantly, life in your years. They are available for advice not for once, but as and when you need and on a continual basis throughout future years.
the vitality test that reads your dna

The next step (and a crucial one), is reading and analysing your Book of Life. THE DNA TEST, VITALITY™, is administered by our gene health advisor to you, in private. All it requires of you is a minute of your time to take the DNA sample from your mouth. This sample is carefully collected, tagged and air-freighted to our state-of-the-art DNA laboratory in Italy, for the complex analysis of ageing markers, which then produces the DNA analysis report. Reading your DNA offers a never-before snapshot of your genetic constitution, your oxidative stress type and your ageing process as programmed by YOUR DNA.
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