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our expert scientific team
Prof. Stefano Bucci
~ European Community Atherosclerosis Research and
   Prevention delegate, Paris
~ General Surgeon and Cardio-Angio surgeon
~ Professor at the “G.D’ Annunzio” University of Chieti
~ Emergency Surgery professor
~ Oncological Surgery professor
Prof. Giorgio D’ Urbano
~ Alberto Tomba’s personal athletic training for 7 years
~ Former athletic director of the Women’s National Ski Team
~ A.C Siena Football cub Athletic Trainer
Dr. Enrique Sanchez
~ Member of the Spanish Aesthetic Medicine Association
~ Member of the Medical Science Academy of
  Cataluna and the Baleares
~ Member of the Catalan Dematology Society
~ Member of the Catalan Endocrinology and Nutrition Society
Prof. Roberto Casale
~ IRCCS “S Maugeri“ Foundation Montescano Centre
~ Department of Neuro-rehabilitation-Clinical
   Neurophysiology service Chief Physician-Pavia.
~ FISNEM-CNR Nervous and Muscular System
   Physiopathology section Director
Prof. Giuseppe Miserocchi
~ Human Physiology Institute Medical-Physiology and
   Scientific Research Area.
~ Director of the Sports Medicine
~ Specialisation School Director–University of Milan
Prof. Fabio Ambrosi
~ Specialised in Naturopathy at La Salle University, USA
~ University of Urbino Department of Pharmacy Herbalist degree
~ Expert in Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and
   Magneto theraphy medicine
Decoding Ageing Genetically
Our customised solutions and services are currently available in Mumbai region.
Best Skin Care Products
how you can live a healthier and
fuller life

Our customised nutrigenomics solutions and the specific products personalised for you will help you live a healthier life.
The complex DNA is analysed by DF Medica in Italy; and on the basis of the analysis and the research inputs made available by the laboratory, the experts will recommend the solutions and formulations, for each individual. The actual products comprising capsules, serum and the night cream are made in Italy for each individual. This personalised solution is going to make you live your full span of life as programmed in your DNA. The precise dietary and nutritional supplements provided in the products will ensure a healthier life internally for the body organs and externally for your skin. A sure sign of your renewed energy is when the others around you appreciate your refreshed vigor, wellbeing and appearance.

From the inside
Our CRD nutritional supplement provides the right type of antioxidants in the required quantity, which are necessary to meet your individual needs (based on your DNA test results).
The capsules contain nutrients, which are all natural plant extracts, mixed in the laboratory in quantities that are found to be necessary for your body by the DNA analysis. Naturally, there are no side effects.

From the outside
The CRD anti–age serums are specially created and personalised to supply the skin with energy and nutrients, while the CRD anti-age night cream rebalances the skin’s energy potential level following exposure to the sun. These tailor-made products help reverse the effects of skin ageing such as wrinkling, roughness, loss of elasticity, hydration and firmness.
Our customised serums and night creams protect the skin and help to counteract the external oxidising agents. For good measure, our recommendations for a healthy lifestyle help avoid possible causes of increased production of free radicals.
The CRD anti-age night cream, created from natural extracts and is an excellent source of antioxidants. It contains enzymes which promotes cellular respiration and allows the cell to restore its original energy potential. The solar filter in the cream protects the skin from the oxidative action of sunlight and external agents. It also acts as a valuable aid to skin regeneration, and restores the fluid balance lost during the day.
unique scientific ‘inside out’ solution for you

All of this is a scientific, customised nutrigenomic answer that’s as unique as you are; not an off–the–shelf solution, a cosmetic application or a surgical procedure. Unlike other current treatments our solution works from ‘inside out’, rather than outside in application and procedures.
All of this is achieved with NO possibility of side or ill effects.
Biological Ageing
world class customer service

Finlinea Healthwits’ Gene Health Advisors are always happy to share their knowledge and experience in the area of Nutrigenomics.
The in-house Nutritional Experts give recommendations on how to improve one’s health and lifestyle.
Personalised attention is given to every customer, and all queries are promptly answered by our experts.
Our service starts with the delivery of the customised  solutions and the explanation of their usage.
There will be regular follow-ups from us on adherence to recommended changes in the lifestyle.
This is followed by periodical consultations on dietary recommendations and clarification of any service related doubts.
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