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our expert scientific team
Prof. Stefano Bucci
~ European Community Atherosclerosis Research and
   Prevention delegate, Paris
~ General Surgeon and Cardio-Angio surgeon
~ Professor at the “G.D’ Annunzio” University of Chieti
~ Emergency Surgery professor
~ Oncological Surgery professor
Prof. Giorgio D’ Urbano
~ Alberto Tomba’s personal athletic training for 7 years
~ Former athletic director of the Women’s National Ski Team
~ A.C Siena Football cub Athletic Trainer
Dr. Enrique Sanchez
~ Member of the Spanish Aesthetic Medicine Association
~ Member of the Medical Science Academy of
  Cataluna and the Baleares
~ Member of the Catalan Dematology Society
~ Member of the Catalan Endocrinology and Nutrition Society
Prof. Roberto Casale
~ IRCCS “S Maugeri“ Foundation Montescano Centre
~ Department of Neuro-rehabilitation-Clinical
   Neurophysiology service Chief Physician-Pavia.
~ FISNEM-CNR Nervous and Muscular System
   Physiopathology section Director
Prof. Giuseppe Miserocchi
~ Human Physiology Institute Medical-Physiology and
   Scientific Research Area.
~ Director of the Sports Medicine
~ Specialisation School Director–University of Milan
Prof. Fabio Ambrosi
~ Specialised in Naturopathy at La Salle University, USA
~ University of Urbino Department of Pharmacy Herbalist degree
~ Expert in Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and
   Magneto theraphy medicine
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a heritage of research and innovation

Finlinea Healthwits’ partner, Gruppo Finlinea, is one of Italy’s leading business houses with roots going back to 1876. With a rich tradition of 137 years of innovation, Gruppo Finlinea’s interests span continents, subsidiary companies and sectors such as wellness, sports and health.
The University of Ferrara (UNIFE), Italy, is one of Europe’s oldest centres of learning, has played host to great minds such as Nikolai Copernicus. Situated in the picture postcard town of Ferrara, the university is a front runner in genetic medicine and has been the research partner of the Finlinea Group for many decades.
UNIFE’s areas of specialisation include genetic counseling, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, clinical genetics, prenatal diagnosis and patient care and therapy. The university’s genetic department leads the way in research projects on muscular dystrophies with novel delivery systems for molecular therapy. Research is also being done on defining both genomic and transcriptomic signature of muscle disorders. UNIFE also carries out routine care, high-level clinical care, fundamental and healthcare-oriented research and education.
NGB Genetics, Italy, a spin-off of the University of Ferrara, develops and produces genetic tests that improve customer wellness. NGB Genetics offers innovative services based upon DNA analysis and the development of molecular markers for human and veterinary diagnostics, food and agro-industry and wildlife conservation. It also acts as a technical and scientific partner for universities and public and private institutes for developing and executing research projects. NGB Genetics’ DNA analysis is a complex process, achieved by special techniques with the help of sophisticated automatic equipment.
The NGB Genetics team comprises research scientists with degrees in various disciplines, including molecular biology, ecology and corporate management. Numerous collaborations with universities and research institutes in Italy and abroad ensure that NGB Genetics’ services are state-of-the-art.
A wealth of scientific knowledge also comes our way, thanks to tie-ups with the University of Bologna, the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, University of Milan and the University of Modena.
DF Medica, in Italy, does pioneering work in the field of health and wellness. Its area of focus is DNA sequencing, currently the most exciting field in modern medicine. Taking an idea from a laboratory to the consumers takes acumen and expertise, and DF Medica has a record of success with a variety of anti–ageing, sports and performance–related consumer products.

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